Renting a Ladder From Home Depot (2022)

rent ladder home depot

Renting a ladder from Home Depot IS possible. Ever had a few projects you need to knock out that seemingly require several different ladders? I’ve got one right now – a ridiculous lightbulb that is only in reach for Yao Ming. For whatever reason, ladders are one of those things

Best Attic Ladder For 12-Foot Ceilings

attic ladder open

Are you looking for the best attic ladder for 12-foot ceilings? Look no further as I have reviewed the top option on the market for this. While deciding which product to choose can be a daunting task, I have narrowed down the list by considering specific aspects like durability, maximum

Best Ladder For 12-Foot Ceiling


12 foot ladders are perfect if you are working on anything from painting the ceiling to preparing for home repairs. But which ladder is going to be the best to get these types of jobs done? A lot to consider here, but luckily the stakes aren’t insanely high. Nevertheless, spend

How To Lubricate An Extension Ladder (2022)

How To Lubricate An Extension Ladder

Have you ever wondered how to lubricate an extension ladder? Let’s roll up the sleeves for a second here and crack this case wide open. But first, a little background. Extension ladders are a must-have…but they can be dangerous if not used properly. Extension ladders like the good old Louisville

How To Make A Boat Ladder Extension (2022)

how to make a boat ladder extension

Extending your boat ladder is a must these days. I mean it’s nice how they are so small and can easily be climbed into, but it is totally not practical if you are over 4 feet tall. Usually, the boat ladders come with a specific length depending on users’ requirements

How Far Can You Extend Your Extension Ladder?

how far can you extend an extension ladder is explained

Extension ladders are different from traditional step ladders. They come with the flexibility to vary in height, making them the preferred ladder types for job sites. But how far can you extend an extension ladder, what things you should consider while extending a ladder? Extension ladders come in different sizes

How To Fix Attic Ladder Spring (SOLVED)

How To Fix Attic Ladder Spring

How do you fix an attic ladder spring? I mean the thing is dangling down, you can’t close your attic, and there may be some dang bats up there, not to mention the waste of air conditioning. Are you looking for a DIY process to fix your attic ladder spring?

Best Ladders to Use for 12 ft Ceilings (2023 Guide)

What Size Ladder For A 12 Foot Ceiling

12 ft tall ceilings are some of the most common heights for homes and outdoor patios, and basically the standard for most schools and other public places. If you’re looking for a a ladder you can frequently use to help change lightbulbs, do some electrical work, or even just some

Best Ladders For 10-Foot Ceiling

best ladder for 10 foot ceiling

Does your ceiling have a height of 10 feet? Yes, you will be looking for the best ladder to use when working on it. You do not need to bother because this guide will help you determine the best ladder for a 10-foot ceiling. Most average ladders won’t reach 10

How To Lubricate A Telescopic Ladder (2022)

How To Lubricate A Telescopic Ladder

Maintenance of the ladder is essential, and lubricating is the most critical element of ladder maintenance. If you are using a telescopic ladder, you know that sometimes it gets rusted, and it becomes hard to extend the ladder. So, the question is how to lubricate a telescopic ladder to keep

How Long Is A 24-Foot Extension Ladder When Propped Up?

how long is a 24 foot extension ladder

A 24-foot extension ladder is considered excellent to reach the high place for painting, cleaning rooftops, and annual examination of your house. But how long is a 24 foot extension ladder? This article will let you know the basics of determining the length of a 24-foot extension ladder. Have you

How Long Is A 32-Foot Extension Ladder Propped Up?

How Long Is A 32 Foot Extension Ladder

Extension Ladders let you access hard to get to places. The 32-foot extension ladder is an excellent all-around performer for accessing roofs and general construction work on taller buildings, but how long is a 32 foot extension ladder? This is the question that needs to be answered. So, I am

Where To Store Extension Ladder Outside (2022 Ideas)

How to store extension ladder outside

How to store extension ladder outside? This question sounds a little weird, but it is a valid question. If you want to answer the same question, you are in the right place because I’ll discuss some methods to store the extension ladder outside. As you know that the extension ladders